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Tips For Your New Born Session


Preparing for Your Session

1.    The first thing to do is to contact me before the baby is born so that we
can set up a date related to your due date.  The reason why it is a tentative date is
because babies like to come on their own schedules.  

Once you have delivered the baby you can contact me to schedule the actual newborn session.  
It’s best to schedule when the baby is between five to forteen days old.  The reason for this is
because they still want to sleep a lot and this allows for the baby to be posed easily.  If you have
had a C- section, please let me know.  It will be important to have an extra set of hands at the
session to help.

2. When you schedule your newborn session we will discuss your expectations including the types
of photos you want.  If there are any poses or special props you wish to try please let me know
ahead of time.  

3.     Sessions normally last  two to three hours.  For this reason, I try to schedule a newborn session
at about ten thirty or 11 am in the morning when babies tend to be sleepier. A majority of this time
is for switching blankets and props, feeding the baby, changing the baby, cleaning up and
putting the baby into poses.  

4. Sessions are done at our home studio in Bubali where I use beautiful natural light.

5. Babies are usually more cooperative during the session with a full tummy. Before you arrive at the
studio make sure you feed your baby at home or as soon as you arrive at your session.
We can discuss style etc meanwhile the baby is being fed.

6.     When arriving to your session please have the baby only wearing a diaper.  I love to
photographer babies without clothes on or in a wrap.  Having clothing on a baby in
the photographs will take away from showing exactly how tiny they are within the few days
of his or her life.  Clothing takes away from the tiny details of hands, feet, and even where
the umbilical cord was.  

7. If the parents or siblings are going to be in any of the pictures I suggest that they wear clothing
that is simple, light and comfortable.  


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