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Tips For Babies & Kids


Preparing For Your Session


Starting as little as 3 months your baby is now alert and smiling, and often shows a range of expressions. Documenting your baby's first year with several portrait sessions will ensure that you capture all of those important milestones in that first year.

Bring a Well-Rested Toddler to the Photography Session

A tired, cranky child is unlikely to have a successful photography session. Know which time of day your child is the most rested.  For many toddlers, this is first thing in the morning or right after nap time. Schedule the photo shoot for this time. Avoid scheduling photo appointments during your toddler’s regular nap time.

Choose Comfortable Clothes for Toddlers

Choose clothing that is simple and comfortable for your toddler to wear during his photo shoot. Of course, you may be going for a certain look, but keep in mind that many toddlers are sensitive to clothing that’s too warm or scratchy. Instead of trying to tuck in shirts, opt for clothing that looks nice without the need to tuck. Toddler girls may be most comfortable in a loose dress, while boys may feel best in pants and a soft, cotton shirt. Minimize clothing changes (max 2 outfits), especially if your toddler is likely to get fussy during outfit changes. Always start wearing the cutest outfit first to make sure you have those in your pictures.

Photo Sessions are kept short

Know when it’s time to end the photo session. If your toddler starts to lose interest and have tantrums, it’s likely time to call it a day. Sometimes this happens at the beginning of the session. Once tantrums start, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get the child back on track for a successful photo shoot. Reschedule for another day, if necessary. Bring Toddler Distractions. Sitting and waiting to get a picture taken is hard work for an otherwise active toddler. Bring toys that will successfully distract him. Bright, colorful toys, a favorite book may help a busy toddler sit still long enough to get his picture taken. Or you can bring someone along who makes your toddler laugh ;-) ​Prepare in advance for a successful toddler photo shoot. You’ll get the best picture and create a positive memory with the special child in your life.

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