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Maternity Indoors

Maternity Portrait Sessions


Congratulations on your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy! This is such an exciting time in your life and what better way to capture these memories than with memorable portraits. Documenting your pregnancy will be a great way to share these moments with your son or daughter in the future. If you are a little anxious do not worry! I have worked with many pregnant mothers and my job will be to keep you as comfortable as possible. That’s a promise! Feel free to give me a call so we can talk in person and I’d be happy to give you more information on what to expect during your session. Just relax and let me take care of the rest.

Preparing for your Session


When to Schedule

For most soon to be moms the perfect time for your maternity session seems to be somewhere between the 30 and 34-week mark.  You might wonder why this time is preferred.  It is the time where your belly is the perfect size but you are not swollen and puffy like you will be towards the final couple of weeks of your pregnancy.  In the past I have completed sessions close to the delivery time and have had excellent results but from the feedback I received from the soon to be moms has helped me with the decision to encourage any future clients to select a time earlier in the pregnancy.  This is when you are feeling your best and are more comfortable.


What to Wear

One of the most important decisions you will make regarding your maternity session is what you will wear.  This will play a major role in how your feel during the session as well as the photographs once they are completed.   My goal is to show off your beautiful baby body so some of the clothes you should pick should be more snug fitting.  A couple of examples of these are  long dresses that flow. If you are concerned about the colors you are selecting I can tell you that solid colors tend to work the best.  If you are looking for advice on specific colors, I will tell you that this decision is completely up to you.  However, some of my favorites are neutrals. The only thing that is important is that you feel the most comfortable, confident and beautiful as you can be.


A Little bit of Advice

One of the pieces of advice that I give all of my moms to be is that you should pamper yourself before your session.  What this means is that you should get your hair and nails done or even take a bubble bath to relax.   This is something that will not take very long but it will help you to feel relaxed and wonderful!   By simply feeling relaxed you will find that you will receive the best photographs your can.  You will see in the photos how relaxed you were as well as comfortable and confident.  The most thing to remember is that this should be a very special and fun day for you.

Maternity IndoorSession 

Collection 1

Collection 2

Collection 3

Afl 300

Afl 400

Afl 700

Partner can join

15 Minute Session

8 Digital Images

Professional Image Editing

Online Proof Gallery

1 Outfit Change

1 Backdrop

Editing Time: 10 working days

Partner can join

30 Minute Session

16 Digital Images

Professional Image Editing

Online Proof Gallery
1 Outfit Change

1 Backdrop

Editing Time: 14 working days

Partner can join

45 hour Session

30 Digital Images

Professional Image Editing

Online Proof Gallery
Outfit Changes

2 Backdrops

Editing Time: 21 working days

Extra Digital Files:

Afl. 30

Maternity  &   Newborn Session

Combined Packages

Take the combined session for a discount 

Combined Maternity & New born     1

  • New Born Collection 1 -  Baby only - 10 digital images

  • Maternity Collection 1  - 8 digital images 

Afl 825 Save Afl 75

Combined Maternity & New born     2

  • New Born Collection 2 -  Includes parents and siblings - 15 digital images

  • Maternity Collection 2  - 16 digital images 

Afl 1075 Save Afl 125

Combined Maternity & New born     3

  • New Born Collection 3 -  Includes parents and siblings - 20 digital images

  • Maternity Collection 3  - 30 digital images 

Afl 1500 Save Afl 200

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