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Baby & Kids Sessions Indoors




Thank you so very much for your interest in our photography services. Our goal is to always provide you with a wonderful experience. This includes a fun session, with beautiful high resolution pictures. 

Our clients mean the world to us and throughout the years we have crafted photography sessions like no other ensuring we deliver unforgettable memories that you, your family and your friends can treasure forever. Photography is more than our passion and we strive to deliver a totally awesome experience to you … one that you will be happy to recommend to your friends.

Please read through this guide to view pricing information and learn about the  various types  of sessions we offer. Be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have and give us a call to check availability and book your session.


Baby & Kids Sessions


We absolutely love photographing babies and children! Our goal is to always create a fun, safe and comfortable experience for your child. Let us capture the smiles and the laughter because as you know time flies by and before you know it they are all grown up and off to college.

Tips Indoor Sessions

Preparing for Your Session

Starting as little as 3 months your baby is now alert and smiling, and often shows a range of expressions. Documenting your baby's first year with several portrait sessions will ensure that you capture all of those important milestones in that first year.


Bring a Well-Rested Toddler to the Photography Session

A tired, cranky child is unlikely to have a successful photography session. Know which time of day your child is the most rested.  For many toddlers, this is first thing in the morning or right after nap time. Schedule the photo shoot for this time. Avoid scheduling photo appointments during your toddler’s regular naptime.


Choose Comfortable Clothes

for Toddlers Choose clothing that is simple and comfortable for your toddler to wear during his photo shoot. Of course, you may be going for a certain look, but keep in mind that many toddlers are sensitive to clothing that’s too warm or scratchy. Instead of trying to tuck in shirts, opt for clothing that looks nice without the need to tuck. Toddler girls may be most comfortable in a loose dress, while boys may feel best in pants and a soft, cotton shirt. Minimize clothing changes (max 2 outfits), especially if your toddler is likely to get fussy during outfit changes. Always start wearing the cutest outfit first to make sure you have those in your pictures.


Photo sessions are kept short

Know when it’s time to end the photo session. If your toddler starts to lose interest and have tantrums, it’s likely time to call it a day. Sometimes this happens at the beginning of the session. Once tantrums start, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get the child back on track for a successful photo shoot. Reschedule for another day, if necessary. Bring Toddler Distractions. Sitting and waiting to get a picture taken is hard work for an otherwise active toddler. Bring toys that will successfully distract him. Bright, colorful toys, a favorite book may help a busy toddler sit still long enough to get his picture taken. Or you can bring someone along who makes your toddler laugh ;-) ​Prepare in advance for a successful toddler photo shoot. You’ll get the best picture and create a positive memory with the special child in your life.


Getting Ready For a Birthday Shoot

Getting Ready for a Birthday Shoot

Getting Ready for a Birthday Shoot This day was inevitable, your baby, who you remember giving birth to like it was yesterday, is now one-year-old. So, this clearly calls for a fun birthday photography shoot with a cake smash! In order to prepare for this exciting experience, make sure you pack your bags with anything you may possibly need. With this in mind, here are some tips to make the best out of the shoot!


Shoots Are Generally Short and Sweet

Shoots involving babies need to be short and sweet because you can only keep a baby's attention for so long. So, certain steps must be done in order to ensure the shoot can be completed in your child's attention span. First, make sure the baby is put in their outfit before they even arrive. As your scheduled shoot time does not include time for dressing. If you want your baby to get dressed at the studio, you should make sure to arrive 5-10 minutes early. It is also a good idea to assemble all props prior to arrival, as the time for assembly is also not included in your scheduled time. In short, you want to make the most out of your allotted time and avoid any possible tantrums or misbehavior.


What You Should Bring

Cake: You can't have a cake smash without a cake. It is recommended that you bring either a six-inch cake or a large cupcake, as other types of cake may be too big or too small. Frosting: It is very important to make the cake smash as fun as possible while making sure everything shows up well on film. Usually, bright colors show up better on film, so it is recommended that you find some green, yellow, pink, purple or orange frosting for optimal results.


Clothes: The clothes selection is mostly up to you, but we recommend that you bring one or two outfits for the photo shoot. We love simple clothing. Remember simplicity is the key.


Balloons: Who doesn't love balloons? They are fun to play with and look great in shoots. We generally try to avoid the big balloons that generally have numbers on them because they take up a large amount of space and generally show reflections that appear on film. However, if you choose to bring this type of balloon, be sure that it can fit within our 5x5 backdrop.


After the Shoot

We generally offer a wet towel once the shoot is done in order to clean cake and frosting off of the baby. But, it is recommended that you also bring some wipes with you as well.

Indoor Sessions Babies 3 months up to 5 years

15 Minute Session Photo Session

8 Digital Images

1 Backdrop & 1 Outfit

Add on Extra Sibling: Afl. 35

Editing Time: 5 Working Days

30 Minute Session Photo Session

12 Digital Images

2 Backdrops & 2 Outfits

Add on Extra Sibling: Afl. 35

Editing Time: 7 Working Days

30 Minute Session Photo Session

20 Digital Images

2 Backdrops & 2 Outfits

Max 2 siblings

Editing Time: 10 Working Days

45 to 1 Hour Session 

35 Digital Images

2 Backdrops & 2 Outfits

Max 2 siblings

Editing Time: 14 Working Days

Extra Digital Files:

Afl. 30

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